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Lilah Taber is a Chicago-born, Los Angeles-based comedy writer, trying desperately not to get a sunburn. She specializes in goofy-yet-grounded half hour comedies, late night, and sketch. She is currently an Associate Writer at ROCKSTAR GAMES, where she writes NPC dialogue for an upcoming project.

Lilah's writing has been recognized by Script Pipeline and the Austin Film Festival, and has been performed at the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, San Francisco Sketchfest, and the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. You can catch her team TRACKSUIT monthly as part of UCB's flagship sketch show, MAUDE NIGHT.

In addition to writing, Lilah has worked as support staff for TV comedy writers' rooms. You've seen her name in the credits of CONAN (TBS), THE MIDDLE (ABC), SPEECHLESS (ABC), PERFECT HARMONY (NBC), YOUNG ROCK (NBC), DINNER WITH THE PARENTS (Freevee), and FRASIER (Paramount+). She has proudly contributed jokes, storylines, and supplemental material featured on screen (church signs, fliers, newspapers, etc). Ask her what's hers, and she'll gladly (and oh so humbly) tell you.

Lilah holds a BA in film production from Indiana University, with a minor in creative writing. She speaks a tiny bit of Mandarin, can almost rock climb, and enjoys hanging out with her cats, Toby and Hank. 

Lilah is currently seeking representation. If you're interested, reach out!

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